Rob Jacobs vinyl record International Anthem Recording Co.

International Anthem Recording Co.

Visual identity, packaging design and art direction for International Anthem Recording Co. a Chicago-born recording company that produces and promotes progressive music releases. The mission of International Anthem is to make positive contributions to the changing state of the music industry,  and to vitalize the demand for boundary-defying music by presenting unique sounds in appealing packages to untapped audiences.

Six years in and currently working on IARC0040; it takes a village to create such a dynamic body of work. Projects are an enjoyable collaboration between the musicians, artists, photographers, the label and myself. 

Visit to see more design and explore the music for yourself.

 Art Direction—Design—Branding     2014–Present 


Montagne & Mer website homepage

Montagne & Mer

In 2015, Chicago-based photographer Kari Skaflen decided to find a new avenue for her photography. With a love for fashion and head-turning style, she found bespoke silk scarves were the perfect home for some of her favorite photos. Work includes the visual identity, hang tags and web design. The diamond shaped logo is at once a mountain and a holding vessel for the abstracted waves of the “sea.”

The Seravek font family from Process Type Foundry was used throughout providing a richness and clarity to the brand aesthetic. The homepage utilized full-bleed detail shots of the beautiful scarves and an atypical slideshow functionality was built into the product description section of the site.

 Art Direction—Design—Branding—UI     2015 

Trio in Curio jazz typographic screenprinted posters

Trio in Curio

Silk screened typographic posters created over the course of 15 months for a live weekly jazz series at Curio in Chicago. Plastered all over the city the posters became a recognizable icon for the series. From February through June 2012 Curio requested that flyers also be made. The solution was to integrate the flyer text into the poster design. Posters were displayed whole while others were cut apart and distributed as flyers.

Rather than brand this series and be beholden to a specific style and aesthetic I chose to re-invent the poster each time, creating something new yet familiar. This series culminated in a one month residency and live recording sessions that led to the very first International Anthem Recording Co. release and birthed that Chicago label.

 Design—Screen Printing     2011–2012 





An art app that uses the simple artistic constructs of color, form and line to generate an infinite number of outcomes. Utilizing a clear, concise selection process the app creates a preliminary abstract composition. This can be saved and shared to social media as is, or the user can position the imagery in any way that they see fit to customize for even more possibilities.

Seeking to demystify artistic creation and expose people to the joys of art, the app uses algorithms to build unexpected results. Especially useful for exciting and educating kids about the fun potential of art while meeting them on their “turf” — the screen.

 Concept—Design—Prototyping     2018 

Poetry Foundation letter press printed Pegasus Awards

Poetry Foundation

Work includes a blind embossed, letter pressed poster for Juan Felipe Herrera, US Poet Laureate, 2015, a series of responsive, nesting print pieces, poet trading cards and a postcard printed with the "scent" of the poem embedded into the ink. 

​The Poetry Foundation, publisher of Poetry magazine (the oldest monthly devoted to verse in the English-speaking world), is an independent literary organization committed to a vigorous presence for poetry in our culture. 

 Art Direction—Design—Animation     2014–Present 


Senhan serif typeface type specimen


After nearly two decades of design, a love for type led me to delve into the fascinating, frustrating, tedious and immensely rewarding process of type design. Senhan is the result of over a year of work and refinement. Defined by sexy, sharp, angular serif contours, this family of 3 weights and italics is a real eye-catcher at display sizes. But with a tall’ish x-height for legibility, and a medium contrast, Senhan is a workhorse in smaller, lengthy blocks of copy. ​

Desktop, webfont, ePub and mobile app licenses for Senhan available at YouWorkForThem

 Type Design     2019 

Spudnik Press Ten x Ten publication

Spudnik Press Cooperative

Spudnik is a Chicago community print studio offering classes, workshops, exhibitions and residencies to reach beyond the print community and engage with the city as a whole.

Work includes design and illustration for the bi-annual Ten x Ten album/artist book, letter pressed invitation postcards and an offset printed newsletter

 Art Direction—Design—Illustration     2013–2017 


Cannes Lions animated intro screens

Cannes Lions

Title design and animation for the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. These titles marked sections of the contestant submission video and helped guide an applicant through the process of submitting their work for consideration in the festival. The creative brief was to give the titles a vintage look and feel. Research was conducted of film titles from the golden age of cinema, film noir and up into the 60's with classics from Saul Bass.

Animation, movie theater projector flicker and screen vignettes were all created in Adobe After Effects.


Enjoy the still frames above, then visit Vimeo to see the animations in action.

 Design—Animation—Editing     2012 

C4 Build website


Originally this project was a book design assignment for C4; a Colorado based contracting company specializing in commercial and residential architecture and interior design. The book utilized editorial style image and text layouts and generous amounts of white space to bring the craftsmanship and beauty of each C4 project to the forefront. Adobe’s Servus Slab was chosen to compliment C4’s use of Eurostile Extended in their branding.

Two years later C4 wanted to redesign their website. Using the aesthetic developed in the book as a starting point, wireframes that translated the page design of the book to a vertical scrolling format for online purposes were created. Full bleed video, subtle parallax animation and custom svg icons were employed to push the site beyond the printed page.

View the case study                Visit the C4 website

 Art Direction—Design     2017–2019 


HMHC showroom graphics entrance

Herman Miller Healthcare

Created in conjunction with Remedy, a health industry branding agency for the 2014 NeoCon exhibition at Chicago's Merchandise Mart. Life sized, in-situ wall graphics utilizing illustrations by Daniel Carlsten, typographic wayfinding and a historical healthcare timeline were conceived, designed and applied throughout the HMH showroom.

All concepts were constructed to demonstrate the holistic, human-centered design approach Herman Miller provides for patients, families and caregivers. 

 Art Direction—Design     2014 

pencil sketch car crash animation

Motion Reel

Telling compelling stories via animation.

Please click on the image above to view my reel on Vimeo

 Illustration—Animation—Editing     2017–Present 


This is Lucy immigration children's book

This is Lucy

I wrote and illustrated this book as a response to the political gamesmanship that has led to a crisis of rejected and misunderstood masses the world over. Lucy, a Panamanian street dog longs for a better life.  A life with less uncertainty, hunger and fear. She joins a caravan of likeminded dogs headed for the U.S, but once there she is faced with the challenges that come with a new country and unfamiliar surroundings. Language, customs and other issues cause her to go inside herself and hide. An unexpected event however, makes her differences her strengths. She saves the day and finally finds the community and home she was seeking.

Using the filter of a dog seeking belly rubs and an indoor bed, I hope to inject some empathy into the conversation. We all seek a better life for ourselves and our loved ones. Today’s kids are tomorrow’s voters, so here’s hoping they remember our heroine, Lucy, when they are of age to change the world. There are no borders on freedom, opportunity, safety, and hope.


Available at Powell's BooksBarnes and NobleAmazon and loads of other places books are sold.

 Writing—Illustration—Design     2019–2020 

The New Heroes newspaper publication

The New Heroes

The New Heroes is a publication that showcases artists that refuse to conform to the mediums in which they work. Issue № 03, was printed as a broadsheet newspaper and highlighted artists such as Nico Muhly, Jared David Paul Anderson and Daniel Arsham. 

The New Heroes is the brainchild of NYC based designer, Thomas Nicholas. This issue was a collaborative project with him.

 Design     2013 


Save the Bay San Francisco website

Save the Bay

Website redesign done in collaboration with Citizen Best for Save the Bay, a non-profit striving to protect and restore San Francisco Bay for people and wildlife, uniting the Bay Area to create a clean and healthy Bay for 60+ years.

We began with a sitemap of the old website and worked closely with a copywriter and UX designer to create an entirely new digital experience.  Volunteer and donation opportunities were given center stage.

Save the Bay had an Impressive archive of photography; we leveraged that along with commissioned illustrations to document and convey the organization's history and the important work they do to support the bay area environment. The new site now functions as a vehicle for public engagement and personal empowerment. 


Visit the Save the Bay website

 Design     2018 

Sined Snowboards

Sined/Solid Snowboards

This predates Studio Principle but I leave it in here because it is awesome! For 6 years I had the pleasure of being the Designer and Art Director for a Breckenridge Colorado based snowboard company. Having snowboarded myself since the age of twelve it was a dream come true.

Seeing the incredibly talented team flying through the air in magazines and videos with graphics that I labored over was a thrill that never diminished.

* In 2009 Sined rebranded, changing their name to Solid. 

 Design     2018 



“Hell, there are no rules here – we’re trying to accomplish something.”

—Thomas Edison

Hi, I'm Craig Hansen and Studio Principle is my design practice. I have 18 years of experience creating digital interfaces, animations and beautiful printed artifacts across a broad range of sectors including; music, sports, retail, publishing and the arts. I focus heavily on typography, design systems and contemporary visual culture to make work that engages, entertains, and communicates effectively. I'm inquisitive by nature and believe in research and hard work. I don’t follow fads. I do obsess about details.

Starting a new business? Refining your current brand? Have an idea that must be explored? I'm available for projects, workshops, mentoring and consultancy work. Use the form on the right, or send me an email and let's make something great together.

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