—Driven to design


Craig Hansen

First things first, I would do this even if I won the lottery. I’m serious, I LOVE graphic design.

At a young age my interest was peaked by skateboard graphics, cassette inserts (I’m old but not vinyl old) and magazine layouts. But I was focused more on the artwork than the overall package. It wasn’t until I went on a factory tour of a snowboard company who sponsored me that it really “clicked”. The art was made more meaningful through the designer’s thoughtfully executed hard work. It was more powerful because it was branded, it had a style and an association with something that I was utterly passionate about— snowboarding. Eventually my passion shifted and became not the rider of the board but the producer, the person behind the art and design.  

Nearly 2 decades since that factory tour and I’m as passionate and geeked out about design as ever. I relish the ever-changing challenge of finding the right visual solution—one that most effectively communicates the client’s vision. We’re in this together, the client and I, and we get results through collaboration with open and honest dialogue.

I founded Principle in 2014 after 13 years working at large ad agencies and small boutique design firms. Principle is an interdisciplinary graphic design studio that builds sophisticated brands through visual identity packages, print and digital experiences. With a strong focus on typography, design systems and contemporary visual culture I strive to make work that engages, entertains and communicates effectively. 

Principle is small but versatile. Most of the time you’ll be working directly with me, however when the project calls for it I have a vetted team of industry professionals I tap into for web development, printing, photography and copywriting. 

We are available for projects, collaborations, workshops, consultancy and freelance work.