First things first, I would do this even if I won the lottery. I’m serious, I love graphic design. At a young age my interest was peaked by skateboard graphics, cassette inserts and magazine layouts, but I was more focused on the artwork than the design. I went off to art school to study painting and drawing, never once venturing into the design wing. It took dropping out, snowboarding semi-professionally for several  years and working countless menial jobs before I finally came to the realization that graphic design was what I most wanted to do with my creativity.

It's been 18 years since I graduated, and I guess I’m at "mid-career" as they say. Funny, it feels as though I just got started. This website highlights some of the gems I've had the pleasure of working on over the years. The projects span the gamut from digital interfaces, to animations to printed physical artifacts. Fluidly moving between different media keeps things interesting and lively for me. Bringing a high standard of design and problem solving to whatever the project calls for has always been my focus. 

I stepped out on my own to start Studio Principle in 2014. It was scary to give up the stability of a full-time job, vacation and health benefits and a comfortable routine. That first year I questioned my decision to do so on many occasions, but here we are 5+ years on and it is gaining momentum and is so very satisfying. I have worked with some truly great companies and created memorable, beneficial work for those clients. With a strong focus on typography, design systems and contemporary visual culture I strive to make work that engages, entertains, and communicates effectively. 


Studio Principle is small but versatile. Most of the time you’ll be working directly with me, however when the project calls for it, I have a great network of industry professionals to connect with for web development, printing, photography and copywriting. 


We are available for projects, collaborations, workshops and consultancy work.

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