Rainy season here in Costa Rica is a great time for ideas to hatch. Sometimes they're wacky and forgotten as quickly as they came. But sometimes the idea sticks— so it was with Floater. At first, we simply thought it would be cool to document the amazing surf and talented photographers in a more tactile format than digital. But as with many things, the more we dug into this idea the more it grew outside the confines of the original limited view. There are unique people and untold stories here, this is one vessel for showcasing them. Issue

№ 01 highlights the local surf scene and includes an interview with Andrea Díaz, the first women’s national champion of Costa Rica. 


Bilingual (English/Spanish) printed on recycled newsprint using eco-friendly soy inks—because those things matter now more than ever. Future issues to come!

Printed copies went fast but you can read and enjoy the publication here.



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